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Cash Tiger

Cash Tiger is a free Paytm Cash or PayPal Cash mobile apps. You can earn some amount of money without investing your time and money with Cash Tiger. Cash Tiger brings daily new offers, get instant cash and refer unlimited users share your cash tiger referral code. Make money with your Android device, earn Paytm money, earn PayPal money, make real cash by doing simple tasks. Share your cash tiger referral code to unlimited users and earn unlimited money.

Cash Tiger Free Paytm Cash PayPal cash
Cash Tiger Earn Money Get Instant Payment

Features of Cash Tiger :

1. Cash Tiger added daily new offers as you complete tasks. There are four types of offers : 1. Install Offers, 2. Install + Keep the app offers, 3. Claimed Offers and 4. Refer & Earn Offers.

2. Get Instant Cash to your wallet within 48 hours. It usually take 1 minute to receive money on your wallet.

3. There are convenient payment options - For global users cashout via PayPal (In January 2018 its open for India as well) and for Indian users cashout via Paytm.

4. If you have any question chat with them and get instant reply to your query using in-app chat support.

5. Get PayPal & Paytm cash within 24hrs when you redeemed your points. It usually take only 1 minute to get money.

6. Transparent tracking of each activity when you install any app through Cash Tiger app.

7. There are less permission required on Cash Tiger.

8. Cash Tiger doesn't take your phone space it is less than 2MB app size.

9. Only required app permissions requested.

10. It is secure & Safe to use.

How to earn money :

There are four ways to earn money.

Install Offers : In this offer you just need to click on install button to install the app and then open the installed app upto 2 minutes to get points instantly.

Install+Keep the app : In this offer you need to click on install button to install the app and keep the installed app according to the days mentioned on your device and get credit instantly.

Claimed Offers : In this offer once you click on claim button in new offers section then that app will go to claimed section. Once you click on claim button you need to monitor status of claimed offers on daily basis and check for action if any.

Refer & Earn : You can earn by inviting your friends and family. Earn inceptive on their each completed offer. You just need to share your referral code and then ask them to add it while signing up. You can refer to unlimite users and earn 5% commission on each user. The best way to earn money with Cash Tiger is add member to your down line and earn 5% lifetime. Join before your friends.
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Let's understand app functionality :

1. Home : In this page you will see all new offers and claimed offers.

2. How to use : In this page you will see how to use the app.

3. Earning History : Earning history shows the status of your earning points.

4. Wallet : This page shows the amount how much you earned. Here you can also redeem your points when you reach 200 points. You can redeem your points through PayPal or Paytm.

5. Payment History : In this page you will see the status of your requested payment amount and time.

6. Chat with us : In this Page you can chat with app support team for any queries related to cash tiger app.

7. Referral Code : This page shows your referral code. You can invite your friends and family. Earn 5% commission of their earned point.
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