Cash For Video - Introduction

There is an Android App which gives cash for watching videos download it on play store and start making money.

What is Cash For Video ?

Cash For Video is an Android App powered by Exaltare Mobile Apps which gives cash for performing daily tasks and watching videos.

There are plenty of apps on Google play store which gives cash for performing daily tasks but it takes time to earn or earning is very slow. Cash For Video is the App which gives you $ 1 or Rs. 50 everyday for performing daily tasks or watching videos. Now watch unlimited videos to earn money, Get PayPal or Paytm Cash just by watching videos.

Download Here

Or you can download directly from Google Play Store. When your installation is completed now sign up using Email or Facebook.

Now you're ready to make money with cash for video. Watch unlimited videos and earn money, cash, free recharge and gift card. Once you reach 200 credits you can put this referral code 464909 to get 200 credits more. You can earn by referring your friends and family tell them to put your referral code when they reach 200 credits you and your friend both will earn. You can redeem your credits when you reach 1000 credits.

How to earn money ?

1. To earn money with Cash for video. You need to install cash for video app from play store or by clicking the link above. Then sign up using email or Facebook.

2.There are total 8 video channels to watch. For each one video you watch you get 1-3 points or credits depends on each video channel.

3. Perform daily tasks to get 100 credits everyday. Contact in-app support team to perform daily tasks.

4. Cash for video now giving special offer. When you complete special offer you get 200 credits for each offer. Just contact in-app support team.

5. To earn more points you can participate daily contest, and you can play jackpot also.

With feedback from thousand of users Cash For Video finally launched exclusive video App to earn money. Just keep watching videos to earn money. There are no limits on videos. For each video you can earn 1-3 credits. The credits can be redeem through PayPal, Paytm, Flipkart and Amazon Coupons.

6. Refer your friends and family for each friend you refer you get 50 credits.
If you need referral code you can put this code 464909.

Now you don't need to worry about Pocket money. This app will help you to earn Pocket money.

How to redeem ?

You can redeem once your credits reach 1000 through

1. PayPal Cash ( Global Users )

2. Amazon Gift Card ( Global Users )

3. Paytm Cash ( Indian Users )

4. Flipkart Gift Card ( Indian Users )
The minimum limit to withdraw the money is $ 1 ( Global Users ) or Rs. 50 ( Indian Users ), you will get $ 1 when you reach 1000 credits or, you will get Rs. 50 when you reach 1000 credits. Once you complete the minimum credits of 1000 then go to redeem page and select the option from the list PayPal, Paytm, Flipkart and Amazon Gift Card etc. After you select the option select the amount of money or cash you need to withdraw. Fill up all required form and click submit. Your money will be credited to your account within 24-48 hours.
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