How to recognize original note of Indian Rs. 500 [ How to identify Indian Rs. 500 note ]

It's very important to identify the notes wether it is real or fake. Here are few ways to check your note.  Now a days in India most of the notes are found fake. So identify your original notes. Stay safe from frauds.

So today we are going to discuss about how to recognize original note of Rs. 500  in easiest way step by step. To identify original notes is necessary to everyone. So don't cheated by frauds. Here we are going to talk about 17 different steps to identity your Rs. 500 note.

Way to check original note of Rs. 500
The original note of Rs. 500

“The new ₹500 and ₹2,000 rupee notes that RBI is issuing are "high security" notes and have several new features to make them harder to fake than the earlier 500 and 1000 rupee notes that were demonetised. The ₹2,000 denomination has Motif of Mangalyaan on the reverse, depicting the country’s first venture into the interplanetary space. The ₹500 note has an image of Red fort along with the Indian flag.”

The best way to check original note of Rs 500
Way to know original note of Rs. 500

Follow the image shown above and read explanation below :

Obverse of the note (Front)

Step 1
The first step is see through register in denomination numeral you will find here written as 500.

Step 2
In second step check latent image of the denomination numeral here is written as 500.

Step 3
In step 3 check the Denomination numeral of Rs. 500 in Devnagari.

Step 4
In step 4 watch carefully the Orientation of Mahatma Gandhi's portrait changed this is very importan in order to identify original note.

Step 5
In step 5 watch carefully the color of windowed security thread changes from green to blue when note is tilted.

Step 6
In step 6 check the signature of the governor. Guarantee clause, Governor's signature, RBI emblem shifted towards right.

Step 7
In step 7 portrait and electrotype watermarks watch carefully you will find the picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

Step 8
In step 8 the serial number of the note growing from small to big on top left and bottom right sides.

Step 9
In step 9 check denomination in numerals with Rupee 500 symbol in colour changing ink from green to blue on bottom right.

Step 10
In step 10 watch the Ashoka pillar carefully which emblem on right for visually impaired.

Step 11
In step 11 the circle must be with Rs. 500 in raised print on the right.

Step 12
In step 12 see the 5 bleed lines on left and right in raised print. The bleed lines are total 5 lines two double line and one single line. The first line is double, middle line is single and last lines are also double.

Reverse Of the note (Back)

Step 13
In step 13 check the year of printing of the note on the left.

Step 14
In step 14 see the glasses of Mahatma Gandhi there is written Swachh Bharat logo with slogan.

Step 15
In step 15 see the language panel towards the centre there is 15 different Indian languages.

Step 16
In step 16 see the Red fort an image of Indian heritage site with Indian flag.

Step 17
In step 17 denominational numeral of Rs. 500 in Devnagari on right.

The size is 63mm x 150mm, color is stone grey with Red Fort and Mahatma Gandhi's image on each sides.
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