Cash Pirate - Make & Earn Money ( Introduction and how to use it review )

Cash Pirate - Make & Earn Money is a Mobile Application which gives PayPal cash for completing tasks. Tasks are very simple anyone can complete it.

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Cashpirate Make and Earn Money

With CashPirate you can easily earn some good amount of money!

How to use cashpirate?

Step 1

Open Playstore then download Cashpirate App, register with your email. Put referral code YMXFOS

Step 2

Open Cashpirate App then Cashpirate will give you some tasks for you to complete. When you reach 2500 points you can redeem to your PayPal Account.

Cashpirate make money using mobile
Cashpirate Top Offer

Click install app it will redirect you to play store or if you want to see more offer click show offers. Once you installed the app Cashpirate will track you then open the app.

Cashpirate make and earn money
Cashpirate tracked your installation

Once your installation is tracked you can open your installed app that's it.

Step 3

Invite your friends and earn when your friend completed the tasks. There are two levels 1. Level 1 and 2. Level 2. Level 1 means the person who joined from your referral link directly and level 2 is the person who joined from your referred friend. You can earn 10% from level 1 and 5% from level 2. The more you refer your friends more money you will earn.

Cashpirate Make and Earn Money is the best mobile application to earn some good amount of money. It is very easy to use. You can earn upto $ 5 every month. The best way to earn money with Cashpirate is refer and earn. You can earn unlimited money if you refer unlimited people. The more you refer more money you will earn.

You can earn money by
• Downloading free apps
• Trying free games
• Inviting friends and get at least 10% of their earnings as bonus
• Completing surveys
• Free product trials
• Watching videos
and more...

Install Now Enter my referral code "YMXFOS" at signup. You get +50% coins for the first 1000 coins you earn (= 500 coins bonus) and can start making money right away.

Cashpirate is really simple to MAKE FREE MONEY! 

Cash Pirate gives you the most advanced referral system:
Earn even more money by inviting your friends. 
Just send your invite code via Mail, Short Message, WhatsApp or Facebook to your friends and receive:

• 10% of all your referrals' coins
• 5% of all coins of any of your referrals' referrals 

This way you will make even more and faster money and you can set yourself higher goals with higher payouts, better gift cards, or more balance on your mobile.

Your coins can be cashed out through PayPal, different Gift Cards or mobile recharge.

How to make free money / earn free money by using CashPirate:
• Download the App and register with your email address
• Complete any offers you like. Watch out for tips of the day and special offers!
• Invite friends to make even more money

• When you made at least 2.500 coins, you can request a payout via Paypal, receive gift cards by mail or opt for mobile recharge!
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