How to remove headphone icon on any Android Phone

Today we are going to discuss about how to fix headphone icon problem without connecting headphone. It works on any Android phone. If you want to remove headphone icon on your phone then follow the steps given bellow :

Headphone Icon without connecting headphone
How to remove headphone icon problem

How to solve ?

1. To fix headphone icon problem first of all you have to download the app called ‘SoundAbout’ on your play store.

How to solve headphone notification without connecting headphone
SoundAbout App

2. Now SoundAbout application is installed on your phone then open SoundAbout app

Then click OK.

3. After that open media audio then select speaker.

4. In step 4 open phone call audio then select speaker again.

5. In the final step open another SoundAbout (once you installed SoundAbout application you will get another SoundAbout)

Open SoundAbout application see the picture above and identify another SoundAbout.

After that click on complete action using SoundAbout voice search then wait 10 to 20 seconds your problem will be solved.
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