How to create PayPal Account For Personal Use

PayPal is an online payment service. You can easily pay and receive money using PayPal. PayPal account is necessary when you start working online to send and receive payment. We use debit card and credit card to make payment online but to receive money we need Paypal accont. PayPal is one of the oldest and trusted services to make payment and receive payment.

complete guide to create paypal account
Steps To Create PayPal Account


1.       You must have a Bank Account
2.       You must have Debit or Credit Card
3.       You must have PAN Card
4.       You must have a valid Email Address
5.       You must have a mobile number

Complete guide to create your PayPal Account

Step 1 Open your browser type or you can download paypal app from playstore. The account creation process is the same for both website and app. But you must have PAN Number to create PayPal Account otherwise you won’t be able to receive any payment.

Step 2 Click Sign Up to create your PayPal Account. Now you have to choose from 3 types of account 1. For Shoppers, 2. For Business and 3. For Freelancers. If you are individual and creating for your own account you can select shoppers. Or else you can choose any one of them then click next.

Start with Shoppers Account is the best and easiest way to create PayPal Account. If you need Business or Freelancers account you can instantly upgrade it from your PayPal dashboard.

Step 3 Once you select Shoppers or Individual account. You will be asked to fill up form. Select your country, enter your email address, create your password, retype your password again then click continue.

On the next page you need tell about youself, fill up all required form then click “Agree and Create account”

After that link your credit or debit card with your Payapl account to shop or to make payment online. Or you can skip. To skip click “I’ll Link My Card Later” Now Payapl will send email for verification. Open your email and verify it. Now your PayPal account is successfully created.

Linking And Verifying Bank Account To Your PayPal Account

Benefits of linking Bank Account : Once you link your Bank Account, PayPal will automatically transfer your PayPal amount to your Bank Account within 2-3 days.

Link your Bank Account by adding your Name, Bank Account Number and Bank IFSC Code.
Once you are done PayPal will send you two small amounts in your Bank Account for verification. This process takes 2-3 days. After receiving the amount in your Bank Account enter the two small amounts to complete verification.

If you want want to make payment online through PayPal you can add your Debit or Credit Card to your PayPal Account.

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